An unpublished chapter from my memoir, Alligator Candy.

April 2022

A fictional story from 2024

November 2021

My interview with Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie.
“For a long time, I was afraid to speak up because I was ashamed. But I think I did a good thing, not only for myself but for all the women who work…
“Don’t count the money. Just put it in the drawer.”
The school lunch ladies were treated like they were invisible. Then two of them and their beloved boss were accused of a bizarre heist. And another…

October 2021

I spoke with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy about his new newsletter, Starship Casual, losing his parents, and how his stage persona almost destroyed him. "It…
The new season for the King of Texas is about to begin.
The verdict arrives on the murder of Brandon Smith.
Renaissance, Texas: Fantasy and Murder at the World's Biggest RenFaire [7]Listen now (2 min) | It ain't easy being the Sheriff of Rennie town. Just ask Grimes County's own cowboy, Don Sowell.
How a glassblower from Utah turned a tiny Texas town into Renaissance land.

September 2021

When Rennies don't play by King George's rules, he sends in the bulldozers.