Masters of Disruption

How the gamer generation built the future. A serialized longform project by David Kushner, exclusively in Disruptor.

Why I'm writing a sequel to my book, Masters of Doom, in my newsletter.
In Part 3 of my interview with John Carmack, Quake III Arena, Beat Saber, and why he thinks "all the things that you wind up doing on your phone…
In part two of my conversation with John Carmack: the Holodeck, emails from Zuck, and the S curve of success.
"With AI, I'm looking for that clever hack." In my new interview, John Carmack discuss his legacy, the future of AI, and why he almost went into nuclear…
"A 'cyberspace' as it is often imagined is beginning to be feasible." Two decades ago, John Carmack caught a glimpse of the coming metaverse.
Big burgs, maker minions, and how Roblox became a $30 billion empire.
Nearly 20 years before today's metaverse hype bubble, was building its own Matrix. Here's how they did it.
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