It Happened Deep in a Cave in the Amazon

An Outside magazine podcast about my journey to the center of the earth.

Two years ago, I traveled deep into the Amazon to write about the world’s most mysterious cave for Outside magazine.

Located in Ecuador in the territory of the Indigenous Shuar people, Cueva de los Tayos or the Cave of the Oilbirds is said to hold the secrets of an ancient civilization. It’s on the list of conspiracy theorists who believe it contains a “metal library” left by extraterrestrial visitors. Oh yeah, it’s also 200 feet underground and crawling with giant tarantulas. You can read my story here.

Electronic musician Jon Hopkins is among the few who’ve also been there. On November 12, he’s releasing a new album with songs made from recordings inside the cave. It’s called Music for Psychedelic Therapy.

I spoke with Hopkins recently about the album and our journeys inside the cave for a new Outside podcast. You can listen to it here. (Shoutout to my indefatigable editor Michael Roberts, who produced it).

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